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Board and Counter Games

Dawson's Chess A battle of Pawns where captures are obligatory.


Dim A game of heaps featuring only removals of divisors.


Eatcake Eat your way through rectangular cakes. Also Turn-and-Eatcake


Grundy' Game Heap splitting at its best.


Kayles Knock one or two skittles over but don't let your opponent get the last ones.


Nim A game where you help yourself from several heaps of counters


Northcott's Game Attempt to trap all your opponent's pieces


Prim A game of heaps featuring only coprime removals


Seating Couples You are host to a dinner party but watch who sits beside who!


Seating Families of Three Best keep the children surrounded by their parents at the table.


Seating Boys& Girls As you fill the party table keep the boys & girls apart.


Ski-jumps Keep your skiers on the slope as long as you can


Toads & Frogs Make your creatures jump along the lanes to stop your opponent


Trading Triangles Learn the triangular numbers before you play


White Knight Get him home and make sure he has lost all his luggage!


Wyt Queens Show the last Queen into the meeting and you've won the game.


Card Games

SET Find SETS of three from the layout before someone else does. (Special card templates are provided for making your own pack of cards)


Domino Games

Domineering Place your dominoes carefully to stop your opponent.

Paper & Pencil Games

Brussels Sprouts Join two crosses and create a new cross.


Col A map colouring game


Contours Draw a loop through exactly one dot... if you can!


Hackenbush Chop off a segment but stay attached to the ground!


Loop the Loop Loop 3 or more out of 4 or more loops and be the last to do so.


Lucasta Join Dots to form branches and chains. Then "Pull" the chains.


Rails A variant of the loop darwing game Rims.


Rims A game in which loops are drawn through dots.


Snort Place Bulls & Cows in fields but not too close!


Sprouts Join two dots and add a new dot in this cunning strategy game.


Treblecross In a long row of crosses be the first to complete three side-by-side.


Paper & Scissors Game

Cutcake Don't be left with just crumbs!

Links to Other Sites

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The game Middleman is a quite remarkable simulation of Buying and Selling in the marketplace.


Paper & Pencil Games Page that features the games: Sprouts, Pipelayer and Capture


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A curious original game called Connect Score merging Chess with Dots & Boxes (by Rick Nordal )