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The Game of Sprouts was invented in 1967 by Princeton mathematician John H. Conway and by Michael S. Paterson, when both were at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Here is a quote from Conway:

"The day after sprouts sprouted, it seemed that everyone was playing it, at coffee or tea times, there were little groups of people peering over ridiculous to fantastic sprout positions."


Paper and pencil

Number of players:


The Set-up:

A smallish number of spots are drawn.

Your move:

Join two spots, or one spot to itself, with a curve which cannot touch or cross any other curve or spot. Now place a new spot on this new curve. No spot can have more than three curves attached to it.

You win:

If your opponent has no valid move.


Here is a complete sample game starting with 2 spots:


See Brussels Sprouts


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