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We promote Mathematics as an exciting, creative and enjoyable subject through the use of collaborative learning and groupwork, games and puzzles, class discussions, individual projects, computer technology and the enthusiasm and dedication of our committed staff.  


Why do we study Maths in the first place?

Mathematics teaches us a way of thinking. It provides the tools for making informed decisions throughout our lives, both inside and outside the classroom. At Madras College the Mathematics department is committed to helping every pupil achieve their full potential in the subject. This involves a fantastic range of courses covering everything from telling the time to advanced integration techniques.


Through the increasing ability to take complex problems and break them down into small, manageable parts/steps, our pupils develop logical thinking, and the ability to communicate, disseminate and resolve the complex situations that are arising in an ever increasingly confusing world. Furthermore they can then develop their analysis and conclusions to make sense of the chaos that life, society, science, engineering etc. will present to them in the future


In its simplest form, Mathematics helps make sure you receive the correct change in shops, that you arrive at your destination on time and helps you decide if the multipack of crisps really is a great bargain. Mathematics also has an important impact on larger problems throughout life, such as credit card and mortgage choices or decisions to change careers or start families. Mathematics will provide the tools for weighing up and processing this information, allowing informed decisions to be made. The Mathematics department prides itself on promoting logical thinking, practical experimentation and investigation skills to ensure its students become expert problem solvers and thinkers.



Mrs C Neilson
(PTC Mathematics)
Mr A Gourlay
(PT Mathematics)
Mr D Grewar
(PT Guidance)
Mrs S Inglis
Mr T Inglis
(PT Pupil Support)
Mr D McClure
Mrs E McClure
Ms. A Massie
(PT Guidance)
Ms L O'Donnell
Mr P Ross
(PT Guidance)
Mrs J Soares
Mrs K Travers
Mr C Trewartha
(PT Numeracy)