Madras College

Art and Design - Higher


The aims of the Course are to enable pupils to develop skills to:

  • Communicate personal thoughts, feelings and ideas through the creative use of art and design materials, techniques and/or technology.
  • Analyse a range of art and design practice and critically reflect on the impact of external factors on artists and their work.
  • Plan, develop, produce and present creative art and design work.
  • Develop personal creativity, using problem solving, critical thinking and reflective practice skills.

Course Content

A broad overview of the subject skills, knowledge and understanding that will be covered in the Course includes:

  • Producing analytical drawings and investigative studies in response to stimuli.
  • Using visual elements expressively, showing clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • Producing focused investigative studies and market research for a complex design activity.
  • Develop skills in using a range of art and design materials, techniques and/or technology creatively and expressively.
  • Developing and progressively refining a variety of personal and creative ideas for art and design work in 2D and/or 3D formats.
  • Analysing and critically reflecting on artists’ and designers’ use of materials, techniques and/or technology.
  • Analysing the impact of social, cultural and other influences on artists’ and designers’ work and practice.
  • Using complex problem solving, planning and self-evaluation skills within the creative process.


Course Structure 

Art and Design: Expressive with Critical Activity 

  • Analyse the factors influencing artists and art practice.
  • Produce creative development ideas for expressive artwork.


Art and Design: Design with Critical Activity 

  • Analyse the factors influencing designers and design practice.
  • Produce creative design ideas and development work for a design brief.


Added Value Unit - Art and Design Practical Activity 

  • produce one piece of expressive art in response to a theme or stimuli.
  • produce one piece of design work in response to a design brief.



  • A Portfolio of work comprising of both Design and Expressive is sent off for assessment to the SQA.
  • An external Question Paper set by the SQA and assessed