Madras College

Art and Design - National 5


In S4 pupils will enter the Senior Phase. Pupils will be assessed at the end of S3 & the beginning of S4 to assess if they are best suited to sitting National 4 or 5.

National 5 - Subject skills, knowledge and understanding that will be covered in the Course includes:

Communicate personal thoughts, feelings and ideas through the creative use of art and design materials, techniques and/or technology. Show skill, confidence and creativity in using these.

Produce analytical drawings and related investigative studies in response to stimuli

Use the visual elements expressively

Plan, develop, produce and present creative and focused investigative visual and market research for a design activity

Develop and refine a variety of creative ideas for art and design work in 2D and/or 3D formats

Develop critical knowledge and understanding in describing how artists and designers use materials, techniques and/or technology in their work

Analyse the impact of external social, cultural and other influences on artists’ and designers’ work and practice

Develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, self evaluation and reflective practice skills

Course Content

The main purpose of this Course is to provide opportunities for learners to develop their thoughts and ideas before exploring how they can use art and design materials, techniques and/or technology creatively and expressively. They will develop their problem-solving skills and will be encouraged to explore the creative use of technology when developing and producing art and design work.

The Course allows learners develop their practical skills and investigate how artists and designers create and develop their ideas. It also allows learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of art and design practice and develop their critical thinking skills. Reflective skills are also developed through the study of art and design practice which will help to support and inform learners own work.


The course has the following structure:

Art and Design: Expressive with Critical Activity

Analyse the factors influencing artists and practice.

Produce creative development ideas for expressive artwork.


Art and Design: Design with Critical Activity

Analyse the factors influencing designers and design practice

Produce creative design ideas and development work for a design brief


Added Value Unit - Art and Design Practical Activity

Produce one piece of expressive art in response to a theme or stimuli

Produce one piece of design work in response to a design brief



A Portfolio of work comprising of both Design and Expressive is sent off for assessment to the SQA.

An external Question Paper set by the SQA and assessed.