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At Madras, you will study an integrated course of Science in S1 – including 2 units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The new Biology ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ units are called ‘Variety of Life’ and ‘Ourselves’. During S1, pupils will be required to select the Science subjects they wish to study in S2 and S3.

The S2/3 course consists of three further units covering CfE outcomes. The units are ‘The Body’, ‘Plants’ and ‘Biotechnology’. There is assessment throughout these units. The units will provide a good foundation for the courses in S4 and above.

During S3, Biology students will be recommended either to enter into a National 4 or National 5 course in Biology in S4. This recommendation is mainly based on the results of an S3 examination which pupils will sit in November of their third year.

Successful completion of the National 5 course will allow entry into the Higher course.

In S6, you may be able to study Advanced Higher Biology or attempt one of the lower level courses.

Use the navigation buttons on the left to find information relating to the Biology courses offered. Much more comprehensive details about course content and copies of the pupil sheets for S2 and S3 are available to all pupils through the school's GLOW website. This requires a login.


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