Madras College


CLD (Community Learning & Development)

Community Learning and Development makes a difference to the lives of individuals and the health and wellbeing of communities.

We achieve this by providing accessible learning opportunities, co-ordinating partnerships and supporting local community planning.

We promote social inclusion through targeted support for disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, groups and communities.

How is this done?


Young People’s Services

Engaging with young people to facilitate their personal, social and educational development and enable them to gain a voice, influence and place in society.

 Adult Learning

Raising standards of achievement in learning for adults through community based lifelong learning opportunities.  Includes Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL).

 Community Capacity Building

Developing the capacity of individuals and groups to take action and make a difference in their communities.

 Community Use of Schools

Providing lifelong access to educational, sports, leisure and cultural activities for all members of the community.

 Youth Work in Schools

A key part of CLD Youth Work delivery in North-East Fife includes a programme of support for S1 - S6 pupils in the 3 High Schools in the area.  The programmes are planned, delivered and evaluated throughout the year, in partnership with each school, and is determined by the needs of young people.

We see Transitions, Personal Effectiveness, Employability and Physical & Emotional Well-Being as priority areas of youth work in schools.


Contact: Sheena Watson, Team Manager on 03451 555555 x460829