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Classics & Latin

About Us

Welcome to the Department of Classics where you can learn about the Classical World – Greece and Rome. In our department you can choose from our two subjects:

  • Classical Studies
    Learn about everything Greek and Roman. From monsters and heroes to life in Athens, you’ll find it here.
  • Latin
    Learn the language that made everything possible. The Romans conquered the world. See what made them so successful by looking at their lives using their own language.

Both of these subjects can be studied in S1 and can be chosen all the way from National 4/5 up to Advanced Higher. We also run a very successful Hadrian's Wall trip to see first hand some of the amazing technical accomplishments of the Romans.

Why study Classics & Latin today?

Classical Studies and Latin deal with the two most important and exciting cultures of our world. The language we speak, the ideas we believe, the cities we live in – Greece and Rome have shaped these things.

Whether you want to read the legends for enjoyment or improve your word-power and grammar, we’ve got something for you. Enjoy your time with us, and enjoy the added benefits to your other subjects.

Course Information 

S1 - S3 Classics and Latin information

Senior Phase Classical Studies courses

Senior Phase Latin courses