Madras College

Community Sports Leadership

The Level 2 award in Community Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification that enables candidates to independently lead small groups of people in sport and recreational activities. The qualification teaches leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport. It is a fun and practical qualification with no entrance requirements or final examinations to sit.

The course consists of 8 units of work:

1    Contribute to organising and delivering a sports activity session
2    Establish and maintain a safe sporting activity
3    Understanding the structure of sport and recreation at local, regional and national level
4    Understand and lead fitness sessions
5    Demonstrate principles and practice in running sporting events and competitions
6    Demonstrate principles and practice in adapting sports activities
7    Plan a series of appropriate sporting activities
8    Demonstrate leadership skills in the community


In class
 pupils undertake the practical and theory aspects of the course. Completion of log book as assessment tool. Partnership with cluster primary schools to develop leadership skills through working with primary pupils. All candidates must successfully gain a first aid qualification. Pupils should only take this course on the understanding they will work with primary age pupils and must be very responsible.

At home a minimum of 10 hours of voluntary leadership to be completed, away from the school leadership sessions, ie, at a local club. Planning and preparation for leadership sessions.