Madras College

Digital Media


Digital Media is a broad term encompassing the storage and delivery of digital content including text, graphics, audio and video. This one-year course is designed for those pupils who wish to develop their knowledge and practical skills in the capture/creation and manipulation of digital media. Pupils can take this elective in either S2 or S3 (but not both).

Since it is an 'elective' course, a less formal approach is adopted where the emphasis is on skills using digital media applications. Pupils tend to enjoy this course because they have the opportunity to be creative and personalise their projects while developing relevant and contemporary skills.

Course Content

The course includes the following content and activities:



Create and edit vector graphics

Photo editing and enhancement techniques


Basic animation techniques using Flash - including keyframes, layers, motion  and shape tweening

Pupils develop their own animation.


Import and record sound into an audio application.

Edit and manipulate multiple audio tracks

Pupils create their own loop based music composition


Import and organise video and sound in a video editing package

Video editing techniques and procedures

Learn about the video production process and personnel in a production company

Analyse adverts to learn about the symbolic and technical codes commonly used to convey meaning to and manipulate the target audience.

Project Work in groups to plan, film, and edit a short video advert. 


Two periods a week for approximatey 40 weeks in S2 OR S3.


There is no formal homework issued for this course

Pupils will be asked to prepare for class tests using printed (or online) topic summarys.


Pupils will be assessed in the following ways:

Practical work will be recorded using using task checklists. Each pupil will have their own checklist which their teacher will fill in whenever a task is successfully completed.

Most units will be formally assessed using a short 20 question multiple choice test - typically lasting about 15 minutes. This will provide information about how well pupils have understood the concepts and terminology underpinning the practical work they have been doing.