Madras College

English - S2/3

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The S2-S3 course builds upon the skills covered in the S1 course with a view to developing articulate, literate and creative learners. Teachers will continue to provide opportunities to develop the skills of listening and talking, reading and writing in order to understand and use language as appropriate to purpose. As learners develop their literacy skills, they will be able to process information more easily, apply knowledge of language in practical and relevant contexts, and gain confidence to undertake new and more challenging tasks in a variety of situations. Learners will cover the range of Experiences and Outcomes in English and Literacy at level 3 and 4 as stated in by the Curriculum for Excellence.

Building on literacy skills, the course develops understanding of the complexities of language, through the study of a wide range of texts. The course develops high levels of analytical thinking and understanding of the impact of language.

Learners will read a variety of poetry, prose and drama, as well as non-fiction and media texts. Library lessons will continue and learners will continue to create a reading log and review their reading regularly.

Listening and talking activities will include paired, group, and whole class discussion and individual talks. For example, learners will be asked to develop planning aids to support their talk work as well as develop their note taking skills. Learners will create and produce texts, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context. Learners will continue to keep a folio of work as a record of their progress in English.

During S3, learners will complete independent project work developing their research, critical thinking, and independent learning skills. This project will allow the learner to demonstrate their language skills in the contexts of literature, language or media. At the end of S3, they will make the transition from the Broad General Education to S4, the beginning of the Senior phase. During the course of S3, learners will select the English qualifications they will study towards in the Senior phase.


Course Content

Learners will develop the ability to:

· listen and talk, read and write, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context;

· understand, analyse and evaluate texts, as appropriate to purpose and audience in the contexts of literature, language and media;

· create and produce texts, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context;

· plan and research, integrating and applying language skills as appropriate to purpose, audience and context;

· apply knowledge of a language; and

· develop technical accuracy and proof reading skills.



RUAE homework will be given weekly. Learners will be taught a RUAE skill in class and this will be practised through a series of examples in the RUAE Booklet. Homework will consist of demonstrating an understanding of this skill in their own reading and or writing.

Learners will be asked to read every week.

Learners will be asked to prepare for assessments such as individual talks.

During S3, learners will complete an independent study project as part of the overall Scottish Studies Award.


In S2 and S3 assessment is ongoing, which may include the following: close reading activities, critical essays, extended writing, group discussion, individual talk, and listening activities.

During S3, more emphasis will be given to close reading and critical essay assessments under exam conditions.

S3 learners will also have to complete an independent study project in which they will select relevant information from at least two texts, complete an extended piece of writing or give an oral presentation. The learner will demonstrate their listening skills by responding appropriately to questions on their project.