Madras College

German - S1-S3 Course


In S1-S3, pupils who study German have 2 periods per week on their timetable. They study a range of topics which ensure that they are practising the skill areas of Reading, Listening and Talking and Writing. The pupil are taught grammar, but through the main skill areas. Pupils are encouraged to participate fully in lessons through group work, projects and interactive presentations. The teaching incorporates a variety of approaches with group work and project work being a feature. This allows the pupils to make presentations in the foreign language and develop key strengths across a range of techniques, including ICT, where available.

S1 Course Content

Topics in first year include the following:

  • Topic 1: Self
  • Topic 2: School
  • Topic 3: Family
  • Topic 4: Free time
  • Topic 5: Home, Where you live
  • Topic 6: Town

S2 Course Content

S2 Topic areas include:

  • Teaching block 1: Travel
  • Teaching block 2: Food and Drink
  • Teaching block 3: Body and Illnesses
  • Teaching block 4: Pocket Money
  • Supplementary Teaching Topics

S3 Course Content

S3 Topic areas include:

  • Teaching Block 1: Self and Home
  • Teaching Block 2: School and Future Plans
  • Teaching Block 3: Free time
  • Teaching Block 4 : My town
  • Supplementary Teaching Topics


Pupils will be expected to:

  • Revise vocabulary regularly
    • Occasionally complete some project work
    • Finish work started in class
    • Do reading or writing tasks