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Here at Madras College we have 3 German teachers and we have students in every year group from S1 – S6 studying German. You can find information for each year group by following the relevant links on the side bar.

As a department we run a very successful German exchange, details of which can be found by speaking with a member of the Modern Languages faculty.

Fun facts about Germany

  • Germany is a modern country in central Europe with more than 82 million inhabitants
  • Germany has about 1280 breweries offering more than 5000 different beer brands to discover
  • 53 per cent of all German breweries are located in Bavaria
  • The average German beer consumption per person is 115 litres of beer per year
  • There are over 1,500 types of sausages in Germany
  • There is a unique culture of baking and eating bread in Germany. We do have more than 300 different types of bread and more than 1.200 types of biscuits and pastries
  • Germany is the home of the world-famous garden-gnome
  • The first cuckoo clock was made in Germany in the early 17th century
  • It took more than 632 years (from 1248 to 1880) to build Germany’s most popular tourist attraction, the Cologne Cathedral
  • Germany is a leader in garbage separation. More than 80 % of paper and glass is recycled
  • Germany is the only European country that has no overall speed limit on the highways, the so-called Autobahn
  • After the demolition of the wall, more than 2.4 million people have migrated from the Eastern Part of Germany to the Western part, with migration still going on

A few facts about German language

  • German is a close relative of English; in fact it is the language most similar to English
  • German Has 3 Genders, the 3rd one is called "neuter" - meaning something neutral, neither male nor female
  • German is spoken by around 80 million people living in Germany
  • German isn’t only spoken in Germany! Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and Chile are other countries where it is spoken!
  • The first printed book in the world was in German

Course Information

S1 - S3 German Course

German - National 4

German - National 5

German - Higher