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Home Economics

The Home Economics department consists of five members of staff. As a team we provide a variety of stimulating courses in Health and Food, Fashion and Textiles, Craft Baking, Practical Cake Craft, Early Years and Childcare and Practical Cookery for all levels of ability.

In the Home Economics department, we want pupils to feel both valued as individuals, and to be able to share responsibility for nurturing good relationships within a group. We wish to promote Home Economics as a subject which contributes to the personal and social development of pupils. The provision of appropriate courses and extracurricular activities offered to as wide a range of pupils as possible is designed to ensure success for all these pupils.

The courses in Home Economics have been devised to develop each pupil’s knowledge, practical, and creative skills in our subject discipline. In addition, we see it as essential that an enjoyable experience is provided for all pupils.

Why is Home Economics relevant today?

Continually in the news we hear about how unhealthy the Scottish population are. Too many people with heart disease; too many people with type two diabetes; too many obese children! In Home Economics we are trying to educate the next generation to eat a balanced healthy diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, so that we become a healthier nation.

“Every child deserves the best possible start in life and to be given every opportunity to achieve their potential. The unlocking of this potential is one of our key aims and a vital ingredient of its success will be the health promoting schools”
– Being Well, Doing Well.

In Home Economics we aspire to fulfil this statement by the courses that we offer to pupils.


Ms A Duncan (PT)

Ms N Cargill

Miss C Hutton

Miss A MacLean (Probationer)

Mrs L Pangbourne

Mrs C Scott (Home Economics Auxiliary)


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