Madras College


The Madras Mathematics department have a dedicated website for pupils, parents and staff containing course information and revision materials.

Click here to be taken to the Madras Mathematics website. 


Our Mission:

  • All pupils to succeed to the highest level of their potential.
  • All pupils to leave school with a National qualification in Mathematics
  • Each pupil to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience in Mathematics.
  • To encourage the development of Mathematical thinking, both in school and out.

Our Staff:

The Maths department currently has ten members of experienced and enthusiastic staff who teach Mathematics at all levels:

Mrs Steedman (PTC)

Mrs C Lord (PT)

Mr. Inglis

Mrs Inglis

Mr. Matheson

Mr Ross

Mrs. Soares

Mrs. Travers

Mr. Trewartha

Mr Young 

Our Courses:

Each of our Mathematics courses is tailored to the individual needs of each pupil. Carefully structured course plans which build on previous knowledge and allow for progression throughout the pupils’ time at Madras. Each course has clear learning intentions with differentiation to account for the stages of learning pupils may be achieving throughout.

All pupils are aware of the aims at all stages of their learning. They are provided with course outlines and timings, clear instructions on how to access learning/revision materials and excellent self-assessment/teacher feedback sheets.

General senior phase information sheet can be downloaded here

We have provided some more detailed information on each course which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Broad General Education