Madras College

Modern Languages

Our Department

 We currently offer three foreign languages in Madras College: French, German and Spanish. Our aim in the Modern Languages department is to enable pupils to communicate at their own level in the foreign language they are studying. Through learning a foreign language we strive to develop cultural awareness in all our pupils irrespective of their background or country of origin.

 This year on entering the school in S1, pupils had the choice to study any one of the three languages we offer. Pupils will continue with this language through to the end of S3, when they will make their choices for S4. When making their course choices in S1, pupils will be offered the chance to take up an additional foreign language.

 Pupils are given experience of the four skills involved in learning a foreign language: talking, listening, reading and writing.

 We aim to maintain and stimulate lasting pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in their chosen foreign language(s) by providing a happy, safe and enjoyable atmosphere where pupils can achieve their potential.

  Why are languages important?

There are a whole host of reasons why it’s important to speak a language other than English. We are part of the European Union, in which we can live, work or study in any one of 27 countries without restrictions.

 Employers prefer applicants with a language qualification, especially in tourism, business management and banking, but also in a wide range of other jobs with an international focus.

 But economics and employability aren’t the factors at play, here. By speaking a language other than English, the world opens up to you. You have an asset for life! Languages help us build friendships with people across the globe, and understand and experience different cultures in a way that enriches our own lives, too. They open up travel opportunities, the chance to study or live abroad.

 In addition to this, many Scottish universities (including St Andrews and Edinburgh) will not accept entrants to courses, other than science courses, unless they have a National Qualification

in a language.