Madras College

NPA - Computer Games Development (SCQF 4 and 5)


Course Description 

Computer Games Development combines technology and creativity in a multidisciplinary way. The games industry is still an expanding and challenging sector with continually evolving ideas and cutting-edge technologies.  This course enable pupils to gain experience using gaming software and report on their knowledge of what makes a good computer game. It requires pupils to exercise more flexibility in software specifications and functionality, through adapting their approaches to design while keeping abreast of changes to technology. This course covers all major technical aspects of the games development process from design to development. It aims to prepare you for a career in software development with a particular emphasis on computer games. You will gain knowledge of programming, computer graphics and game project management.

The Work of the Course

There are three Units within this award:

Computer Games: Design

The learner will acquire an understanding of the underlying concepts and principles involved in digital gaming planning and design. The learner will recognise and distinguish differences between numerous gaming platforms, environments and genres. The learner will be introduced to methods used in the planning and design stages involved in the production of a digital game. The learner will plan and design a level in a digital game.

Computer Games: Media Assets

The learner will acquire an understanding of the different types of media asset required for developing a digital game such as sound, graphics and animation. The learner will plan and produce media assets for use in a game development environment.

Computer Games: Development


The learner will gain an understanding of the processes involved in the final stages of development of a digital game. The learner will use their chosen game development environment to bring together all the parts and produce a working game. The learner will gain an understanding of the testing and evaluation process.




The learner will be expected to create a portfolio of the learner’s work which should be constructed over the period of the Unit, with the learner contributing material to the portfolio on an on-going basis. In order to achieve the award the learner must pass all three units.