Madras College

NPA - Computer Games Development (SCQF 6)

Course Description

This course provides a foundation in the knowledge and skills of Computer Games Development that will be necessary if the learner intends to later specialise in aspects of Computer Games Development, Digital Media Studies, Computing Science and IT subjects.

The Work of the Course

There are three Units within this award: 

Computer Games: Design

The learner will accurately identify title, genre, publisher and target audience of a computer game. Evaluate aspects of computer game and produce a computer game rating system. Create proposals for new computer games. Identify a title, theme and genre for proposed computer games. Identify the platform and controls for the proposed computer games. Identify a target audience for proposed computer games. Describe design elements for the proposed computer games, referring to existing games. Pitch a computer game design to an audience. Plan the production of a computer game.  Produce a design document consistent with a design proposal Describe design elements for a proposed game. Illustrate elements of a proposed game and Produce a detailed plan for the development of a computer game


Computer Games: Media Assets

The candidate must explain types of media assets in terms of their technical characteristics and typical uses. Explain relevant items of legislation covering copyright. Explain criteria for copyright infringement. Explain implications of copyright infringement. Describe legitimate sources of copyright-free media assets. Plan the production of assets for a computer game. Identify different types of media assets to be produced for a computer game. Discuss the features of software tools required to produce game assets.  Justify the software tools selected for the production of media assets. Identify sources of copyright-free media assets for a computer game. Produce media assets for a computer game. Acquire complex copyright-free media assets for a computer game. Produce a complex 2D graphical media asset for a computer game. Produce a 3D graphical media asset for a computer game. Produce a complex audio media asset for a computer game. Produce an animation for a computer game.


Computer Games: Development

The candidate must create a working computer game based on a given game design document. They must produce a list of media assets added to the game, provide a code listing, highlighting the use of variables, common code constructs and the use of internal documentation/comments.  In addition a description of at least three different test strategies appropriate to computer game testing, including the testing strategy to be used in testing the game, a test document and written evidence for evaluating how well the computer game matches or differs from the design. Finally the candidate must write a computer game review.



The learner will be expected to create a portfolio of the learner’s work which should be constructed over the period of the Unit, with the learner contributing material to the portfolio on an on-going basis. In order to achieve the award the learner must pass all three units.