Madras College

NPA - Digital Media (SCQF 4 and 5)

Course Description

The National Progression Award (NPA) in Digital Media Basics at SCQF level 4 consists of three NQ Units drawn from the framework of the National Certificate in Digital Media Computing at SCQF level 4. This course is for candidates who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the acquisition of digital media such as photographs, sound clips and video recordings.

The Work of the Course


Digital Media: Still Images

The aim of this Unit is to enable you to acquire digital still images to meet the requirements of a specified brief. The Unit is largely practical and provides you with the knowledge and understanding to identify the image requirements of the specified brief and plan a strategy for the acquisition of the images. The Unit provides opportunities for learners to develop basic skills in the capture, storage and presentation of images in a range of formats. Learners should use the skills outlined to create a portfolio of images.


Digital Media: Audio

The aim of this Unit is to enable learners to capture and store sound in a digital format for use in IT applications. This Unit will provide learners with information about the principles of analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion that underpin the capture and use of sound in a digital system. The learners will also be made aware of the various file formats in which digital audio is stored, the sampling rates that determine the quality of recorded sound and compression standards in common use. 


Digital Media: Video

The aim of this Unit is to allow learners to undertake the acquisition of a short digital video sequence to meet the requirements of a specified brief. Learners will be required to devise a script or storyboard to meet the requirements of the brief, plan a strategy for the acquisition of digital video material and then acquire it. They will edit and present the edited sequence in a format appropriate to the specified brief.  This Unit is suitable for learners with an interest in digital video wishing to acquire skills in the acquisition and editing and of digital video.


Learners will be expected to create a portfolio of their work. The portfolio should be constructed over the period of the course with the learner contributing material to the portfolio on an on-going basis.