Madras College

Our New School

Please click here to access a letter about how we will be organising our first week back in August 2021. 

The School Week

We have finalised our school week for next session. Starting from August 2021 this is what it will look like:



Exciting news! One of our very talented S4 pupils has created a Minecraft version of our school. Ash Hobba has spent a considerable amount of his own time and used the architect's plans to build an amazing, fully explorable new Madras. 

Thank you very much to Ash!

Technical Information:

This is only compatible with the Windows variants of Minecraft (Java and Bedrock editions).

Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it and there is a read me file with instructions to where to save the file to on your computer. 

Download here



Pictures of the new Madras College as construction continues.