Madras College

Dress Code


It has long been recognised that one major aspect of a successful school is that pupils have a strong set of values which include a recognised pride in their school and a respect for their community. Alongside high attainment and good behaviour, the wearing of school uniform is a major influence on how the community and others perceive a school and the calibre of its young people.

Our school has high expectations of standards in learning and teaching, attainment, achievement, pupil leadership and respect. Parental support for wearing of uniform will greatly help to ensure that we continue to achieve our high expectations, that we maintain our image and reputation and that Madras College continues to be recognised among the top schools in Scottish Education.

 We expect all our young people, from S1 through to S6 to wear school uniform while at Madras College.

 Madras school uniform consists of:

 School blazer, school tie, plain white or light blue shirt or blouse, plain black or dark blue or Madras College jumper/cardigan, plain black or dark blue trousers or skirt and dark shoes.

 For those pupils who are appointed as senior prefects the school blazer will display braid and school badge.

 What is not considered Madras College uniform?

  • Clothing which could potentially encourage disputes. For example: football colours such as tops, scarves, hats etc
  • Clothing which could cause offence to others. For example: shirts or tops with political slogans, anti-religious slogans, disrespect for others slogans, etc
  • Clothing which could cause health and safety (in the work place) problems. For example: some items of jewellery, baggy clothing, clothing made from flammable material etc
  • Clothing which carries advertising. For example: tobacco, drugs etc
  • Clothing which supports inequality. For example: expensive designer logos (which not all can afford), etc
  • Clothing which is leisure orientated. For example: low cut and/or cropped T-shirts, leggings, shorts, short skirts, jeans, denim jackets, baseball caps etc

 What other form of dress is considered suitable?

  •  Ethnic/cultural dress which reflects a young person’s culture or religion

 Being Safe in the school

 To ensure the safety of pupils and staff in our school estate with this potential, four things need to be embedded in the practices of the school.

 1    All pupils should be in school uniform while in school so that we know who is a pupil and who is not.

 2    School managers have a physical presence around the school to monitor classes and monitor corridors

 3    School staff should alert management if they suspect an intruder is on the premises. Since all staff (especially new staff) cannot be expected         to know all 1400 pupils by sight we would expect an alert call for anyone not in school uniform.

4    All staff and visitors to the school should display their “Fife Education” badge while on the premises.


How will we support Uniform?

It would be naïve of the school to expect that there may not be times when a pupil/young person at Madras College will forget (or mislay) an item of uniform on a given day. To support pupils when this happens, the school will purchase and retain a stock of school uniform items which can be issued (on loan for the day) to any pupil. If a pupil has lost part of their uniform, the loan system can be extended until the item has been replaced – or the parent/carer can purchase (outright or in payments) the item from the school.

The school has a stock of 2nd hand blazers that can be obtained for a donation or if sizing is an issue swapped for another size.  If swapping, the blazer being swapped with must be in good condition.

Any lost property that is not claimed is cleaned and available to pupils.  There is a stock of outdoor coats, jerseys, tracksuit bottom, short etc.  Please contact the school office for further information.

School clothing grants and or free school meals can be applied for through Fife Council, further information and application link can be found here.  

Madras College blazers and jerseys can be purchased on-line here.   Striped (£4) and 6th year (£11) ties can be purchased at the school office.