Madras College

P.E. - Achieving Excellence in Sport NPA (Football SCQF 6)

Purpose and Aims

The NPA in Achieving Excellence in Sport will allow candidates to focus on their own football performance to learn about the process of setting targets (short and long term), planning their own work (with support) and to evaluate what actually is ‘excellence’. Pupils will be tasked with learning the rules of the game and to be able to referee/coach junior pupils in these skills.


This course consists of 3 units of work. All units must be passed in order to complete this award.

Individual Performance in Sport; Codes of Conduct
Individual Sporting Performance
Individual Performance in Sport: Analysis and Evaluation

Each unit is both practically and theoretically assessed.

Pupil Eligibility

Pupil Eligibility (please enter NA for BGE course) – Pupils in 5/6 who play football out with the school for a club. There is a potential for an S4 pupil to sit this course, the PE department will make that determination.