Madras College

P.E. - Exercise and Fitness Leadership NPA (SCQF 6)

Purpose and Aims

This National Progression Award at SCQF Level 6 (equivalent to a Higher) will improve your skills and knowledge relating to sport and fitness. You will be introduced to the rationale behind the use of circuit, cardiovascular and fixed weight training techniques, and equipment used in each exercise type. You will also develop safe and effective practical skills in these areas.

During the course you will learn:

The main physiological effects of different types of training on the body;
How to personalise training for selected clients;
How to identify advantages and disadvantages of a range of training methods;
How to give a rationale for the selection of exercises;
How to demonstrate cardiovascular, fixed weight and circuit training exercises;
How to evaluate personal performance.

 Pupil Eligibility

Pupils in S5/6.