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Physical Education

To create an enjoyable working environment for both staff and pupils, where, together we strive to learn and improve and where participation and achievement is measured and celebrated.





Mr. A Weir (Principal Teacher)   Mrs L Clark (PT Guidance)
Miss S Dawson (Mon - Thurs) Mrs E Fraser
 Mrs C MacKenzie  Mr M Morgan
Miss N Smith (PT Guidance) Miss J Watson
Mr P Young

 General Aims:

The general aims of our department are based on the following:

  • Become more interested and involved in physical activity.
  • To develop the knowledge and understanding, specialist PE skills and attitude necessary for physical and emotional health and well being.
  • Realise that their physical health helps them to engage successfully in the world in which they live in.
  • Experience positive aspects of healthy living and activity.
  • Become convinced of the importance of learning for themselves.
  • Become more confident in their ability to express themselves as a successful sportsperson
  • Take responsibility for their own learning.


Participation Policy:
The department adopt a 100% participation policy. Young people are always required to attend with appropriate kit based on their allocated activity. If pupils are unable to participate due to medical reasons, a parental note is required. Pupils will always be actively involved in lessons; they may be asked to take on different roles such as a referee or score keeper.

If a pupil arrives without kit then the department can provide appropriate clothing for the pupil to wear for the lesson. The departmental kit is maintained to the highest standards and washed on a regular basis.

 Pupils are rewarded for their participation through our ‘pupil of the block’ awards, and our ‘club 100’. Staff will take appropriate action for pupils who regularly forget their kit.


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