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Welcome to the Physics Department in Madras College.


Dr Tomb (Curriculum Lead)

Mrs F Lindsay (PT Physics)

Dr J Emeleus

Mr S Earl

Mr H Watson (Depute Rector)


What is Physics?

Physics was known as Natural Philosophy until the 19th century and was defined as a term applied to the study of nature and the physical universe. Today’s modern Physicists can expect to encounter the traditional aspect of Physics and also cover the cutting edge technologies that are so crucial to our modern, globalised world.


Why Study Physics?

Our aim in the Physics Department is to provide a happy learning environment where you are able to achieve your potential.

  • In Physics we will provide you with opportunities to be Confident Individuals by building your skills and abilities in important mathematical and problem solving skills through practical work and assessments with feedback given to you.
  • You will understand your role as a Responsible Citizen by investigating and debating on current topical issues within the world of Physics that has an impact in your community and in wider society.
  • You will become a Successful Learner in Physics by working with your teacher to provide appropriate and challenging targets to work to. Your teacher will give you appropriate feedback and advice in order for you to develop your understanding of knowledge and your ability to solve problems.
  • You will become an Effective Contributor in society by learning and understanding the role of Physics and Science and how you can use your skills to benefit Scotland and the economy.

In Physics you will be given the opportunity to take part in various STEM programmes and activities such as:

Nuffield Bursary
Space School


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”


S1 Science Course