Madras College

S1 Art and Design


Through Curriculum for excellence pupils will enjoy a Broad General Education from S1 - S3 before they enter the Senior phase in S4. Art & Design encourages learning in, through and about the expressive arts.

It enables pupils to:

Be creative and express themselves in different ways

Experience enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment through creative and expressive performance and presentation

Develop important skills, both those specific to the expressive arts and those which are transferable

Develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas and, for some, prepare for advanced learning and future careers by building foundations for excellence in the expressive arts.

Course Content

In S1 the pupils will be introduced to basic skills and will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of different media and technologies. They will learn about the Visual Elements, they will learn to combine these to create Expressive and Design Work. Pupils will learn about the design process and how to work through a design brief. The pupils will learn to observe, record and convey ideas, learning to accurately represent these aspects in their work. Pupils will also learn to confidently discuss their work, the work of their classmates and the work of other artists and designers. Pupils may also have the opportunity for group work and interdisciplinary learning.


The year is broken down in to a number of different expressive & design projects with the critical aspect integrated in to each one. These may include:

  • Expressive Units – i.e. Portraiture, Figurative, Still-life, Landscape, Sculpture, Printing
  • Design Units – i.e. Graphic Design, Jewellery Design, Pattern Design, Mask Design
  • Critical Activity – Visual Essays, Reports, Posters, Worksheets, Research & Discussion

Within each unit there is a strong emphasis on drawing, personal expression and creative problem solving. The pupils will learn:

  • Observational Drawing using a range of media
  • 2D/3D Design
  • 3D Expressive
  • Painting
  • Mix-Media/Collage