Madras College

S2 Social Subjects

S2 Rota of Geography, History and Modern Studies

'Globalisation is the increasing connections between places across the planet established through trade, politics, cultural exchange, helped by technology and transport'

S2 Geography

Geography is a dynamic, complex and exciting subject and help to better understand how and why places are changing and to better imagine, predict and work towards a likely and preferred future. Hence why we study Globalisation and Climatic .


Globalisation affects all areas of our lives and demonstrates our interconnections between people, places and environments, and will help to develop their capacity for geographical thought. The course focuses on the fashion industry and our desire for fast, disposable, cheap fashion and the consequences of that, socially, economically and environmentally. Pupils will be investigating the concept of globalisation and the recognition of global interdependence. They will explore the advantages and disadvantages of Transnational Corporations both at home and beyond and how-to mitigation and resolve these issues, including challenging their own consumer habits.

Climatic Regions

The climate affects the nature of the soil under our feet, the animals and plants that we see around us.  The link between climate, soils and the living world is of keen interest to us as the planet is being polluted, overworked and demands placed on it like never before.  Our course looks at 3 climates, biomes, vegetation belts to enable pupils to understand the close interrelationships between these phenomenon's., how they have changes over the world and their differing pressures and how to adapt and solve such pressures. Pupils will learn about sustainability and challenge their own habits in an attempt to bring about change.

S2 Modern Studies

Learners will have the opportunity to develop an awareness of social and political issues in the United Kingdom as well as the study of a World Power. They will consider the following courses:


Pupils will assess the reality of the American Dream and compare the ideology and democracy of the USA with the UK. Pupils also investigate social and economic inequalities in America. The pupils will discuss the use of the death penalty and the right to bear arms and examine their own views on such issues. The pupils will also learn about the political system in the USA.

Social Inequality - Poverty in the UK

Pupils will examine poverty levels in the UK and make comparisons with levels seen in other countries. The pupils will also develop their knowledge on the different causes of poverty. They will also consider how the government and other voluntary organisations can help alleviate poverty and critically examine whether these have been successful. In this unit the pupils will be introduced to skills-based questions where they will use sources of information to make and justify decisions.

S2 History

French revolution

The French Revolution is an important period in Modern European history. Pupils will explore the causes of the revolution;

  • the rise of the Third Estate and common desire for political reform and equality.
  • pupils investigate key events, such as the storming of the Bastille, the Great Fear and the Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • consequent Reign of Terror, and the rise of Napoleon.

Russian Revolution

Pupils will study the Russian Revolution and its impact on the entire world.

  • It generated a new way of thinking about economy, society and the government.
  • The Bolsheviks set out to cure Russia of all its injustices that arouse from social class differences. As such pupils will explore the causes, effects and consequences of the revolution for people and society.
  • Key concepts, figures and events will be studies such as the Romanovs, Bloody Sunday and Communism.

Industrial Revolution

Pupil will study the reasons why the Industrial revolution occurred; the profound changes that took place, and the impact it had on all aspects of life in Britain.