Madras College

S2 and S3 Biology


Pupils will study three topics over the two year course:

The Body

Sub-topics are:

  • Blood and Circulation (including basic cell structure)
  • Lungs and Breathing
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Diet and Digestion


Sub-topics are:

  • Importance and Uses of Plants
  • The Life of Plants
  • Propagating Plants
  • Plants Make Food


Sub-topics are:

  • Dairy Industries
  • Yeast Industries
  • Detergent Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries

Pupils will sit an assessment at the end of each of the units – testing their retention of knowledge and their problem solving abilities. There will also be an evaluation of each pupil’s practical laboratory skills.

Further details about the S2/3 course content and copies of the pupil sheets and homework sheets are available to all pupils through the school's GLOW website.  This requires a login.