Madras College

S3 Elective – Computing Science

Pupil Eligibility

For S3 pupils only - those with a keen interest and enjoyment of Computing and who desire to study Computing Science in the senior phase.

Course Outline

This course is for those who are really interested in Computing and think they might like to take National 5 Computing Science in S4. It covers various programming technologies beyond what we do in Core Computing Studies in S2 and S3 and each unit will be concluded with a short project.

The main areas include:

BBC Micro:bit programming
Learn how to program a mini computer
Work through exciting projects to develop your block programming skills

Advanced Scratch programming
Build on your existing Scratch knowledge from S2 Computing Science
Project – Demonstrate your new skills and create your own game.

Learn a new programming language
The emphasis here in on design, structure and layout

Agile Development
Agile development using HTML and CSS
Pupils will collaborate to create an end product

SVG Programming
Create and edit vector graphics using SVG programming skills

Advanced Pivot Animation
Learn how to animate using advanced editing animation techniques
Building your creative computing skills