Madras College

S3 Social Subjects


 Pupils will undertake rotations of the Geography, History and Modern Studies.

 Pupils will develop important knowledge and skills across the Social Subjects. They will also develop their literacy and numeracy skills and awareness of Health and Wellbeing. Opportunities will be sought to incorporate ICT and learning experiences outside of the classroom.

 Course Content

 Pupils will study:


 Rotation One: Causes of World War One.

Rotation Two: World War One: Trench life and warfare.


 Rotation One: Natural Hazards

Rotation Two: Climate Change

 Modern Studies

 Rotation one: Crime and law in Scotland and the UK.

Rotation Two: Global perspectives: Crime and Terrorism


 Pupils should expect regular homework. At least one piece of homework will be set in each rotation.


 Pupils will be assessed through their class work and homework.

 Pupils should also expect a summative test in each subject area.