Madras College


Scotland has a long tradition of scientific discovery and development, and the use of such scientific innovations in our every day lives. Science and the application of science are central to our economic future and to our health and well being as individuals and as a society. To be a part of a future technological and scientific society our young people will need to develop a life long interest and curiosity in the living, chemical and physical aspects of our world. In addition they will need to develop the necessary skills to allow them to become creative, inventive and enterprising adults in a world where the practical skills and knowledge of the sciences are needed across all sectors of the economy.

The departments aim is to encourage and enable all pupils to develop as scientifically literate citizens who can make informed judgements on the social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental impact of the sciences. Pupils will also be given the opportunity to acquire, in a structured and progressive way, the knowledge and practical and cognitive skills necessary to engage in the advanced learning that paves the way to future careers in science and related technologies.