Madras College

Senior Phase Latin courses

National 4/5 Latin

In picking up Latin, you will develop your skills of communication and analysis. The events and culture which surround us now are still shaped by influences from Rome. While Latin is often studied for its own enjoyment, it helps make sense of other language-subjects and sciences. There are three units within this course:

  • Translating:

You will learn to take a Latin story and work out its meaning. While you will pick up many new words for yourself, a wordlist is provided to help you. This means that all myths, legends and histories are open to us. The challenge is to provide a clear English version and to broaden your knowledge of language.

  • Literary Appreciation:

You will reach a greater understanding of Roman life by looking at two writers and their work. These texts include sections on the Trojan War, the poet Catullus complaining about his girlfriend-troubles and Greek and Roman legends. These will be studied thoroughly in class time, prompting you to consider which aspects of life have changed, and which have remained the same.

  • Added Value Unit:

You will choose an aspect of Roman life and communicate your findings in English. This might take the form of a written report, but could also be delivered by speech, visual presentation or other suitable media.


Higher Latin

As well as translation, two authors are studied for interpretation:

Vergil – A hero travels through the Underworld to visit the ghost of his father negotiating the River Styx and Cerberus the three-headed dog. Can our hero win through?

Cicero – A corrupt governor is on trial for his crimes. Prepare for a story of scandal and sleaze that makes modern-day news seem tame.


Advanced Higher Latin

As well as translation, pupils study Ovid and Latin Love Poetry – private lives never go smoothly with these writers. Heart-break, anger, frustration. May contain some elements of happiness.