Madras College

Senior Phase Classics courses

National 4/5 Classical Studies

Classical Studies focuses on the world of ancient Greek and Roman culture. Your skills of analysis, evaluation and factual recall will be important as you focus not only on everyday life, but also on the fascinating legends these peoples have handed down to us. The course consists of three units: 

  • Classical Literature:

You will study selections from The Odyssey by Homer. Throughout this story of a hero’s journey home from the Trojan war, you will consider characters and events. Whether you admire Odysseus or disapprove of his behaviour, you will reach your own conclusions about important qualities such as leadership and honesty. 

  • Life In Classical Greece:

You will study the lifestyle of people in Athens at one of the most important stages of Europe’s history. Considering aspects of everyday Greece such as slavery and the creation of democracy will allow you to gain a greater understanding of what we value in modern life – and why. 

  • Life In The Roman World:

You will study all aspects of Roman society. Religion, housing, the theatre, gladiator-shows and many more areas of interest combine to give us a clear picture of their surprising society. Sometimes this shows a type of life we would like to imitate, sometimes we can benefit from considering their mistakes.

As well as achieving passes in these three units, you will research and present information on a topic of your choice as part of an Added Value unit. This might be a written report, but could be presented using any suitable media for informat


Higher Classical Studies

Drama – comedy and tragedy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll laugh again.

Religion and Belief – the full story of Greek and Roman worship. Their weird and wonderful customs and festivals.


Advanced Higher Classical Studies

The Individual and Community – how to create the perfect society according to three Classical heavyweights: Aristotle, Plato and Cicero.