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Social Subjects



To foster a spirit of enquiry and understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different times places and circumstances, in order to create informed responsible citizens.


Our faculty is committed to ensuring that we share the following whole school values which are:


  • accepting everyone with consideration, tolerance, courtesy and respect;
  • honesty, fairness and openness in our dealings with everyone;
  • accepting responsibility for ourselves, our actions and developing a sense of self-worth;
  • caring for each member of our school community and helping those in need;
  • working hard, being positive about our life and learning and committed to education in its widest sense.


Our aim is for pupils to become successful and confident learners across all areas of Social Subjects and RME.


  • You can achieve this when you;
  • Feel your opinion is valued
  • Be aware of the reliability and bias of sources
  • Be aware of stereotypes and generalisations
  • Avoid oversimplification of complex issues
  • Be aware of current issues and topical events
  • Develop empathy
  • Be aware of the importance of sustainability
  • Challenge misconceptions
  • Continually strive for improvement.
  • All members of the Faculty community play their part in maintaining and developing close partnership with parents and the local community.

Social Subjects at Madras College

S1-S3 Broad General Education


  • In S1 at Madras College all S1 pupils have two periods of Social Subjects (Geography, History and Modern Studies)
  • Pupils are also taught one period a week of Classical Studies and one period of RME. In S2 RME is taught on a rotational basis with Social Education.
  • Furthermore, while in S1 pupils can choose a range of elective courses to be taught two periods a week in either S2 or S3.


  • In S2 Social Subjects are currently taught two periods a week.
  • Pupils will be taught by one teacher for the whole year. They will rotate through Geography, Modern Studies and History topics.


  • In S3 Social subjects are taught on a rotational basis where Geography, History, and Modern Studies are taught by subject specialists.
  • The pupils will develop skills throughout the BGE, and will be assessed using summative and formative assessment.
  • This will be recorded in their assessment exercise book which will be used to track progression through the BGE.

S4-S6 Senior Phase

Social Subjects offers a large selection of Subjects across a range of Levels. The following courses are currently being delivered by the Faculty;

  • Classical Studies National 5 Higher and Advanced Higher
  • Environment Science Higher
  • Geography from National 4 to Advanced Higher
  • History from National 4 to Advanced Higher
  • Latin National 5 and Higher
  • Modern Studies from National 4 to Advanced Higher
  • Higher Politics
  • RMPS National 5 Higher and Advanced Higher
  • Sociology National 5 and Higher.
  • Travel and Tourism (Skills for work)

In S6, pupils have the opportunity to take the Social Sciences Baccalaureate.

Please click here to be taken a fantastic example of the work produced within the Social Sciences Baccalaureate. Mary Kennedy has created a fantastic piece of work. 

Course Information

S1 Social Subjects course

S2 Social Subjects course

S3 Social Subjects course

Classics & Latin



Modern Studies

Religious and Moral Education



Staff list

B Robertson (Depute/PTC Curriculum)/M Kopacz (PT/PTC Curriculum)


Mr Clark
Ms Norrie
Miss Ward


Mr Dagless
Mr Jones

Modern Studies

Mr Forbes
Mr Gibson
Miss Ward


Mrs Matheson
Mr Webster