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Higher Sociology

 Sociology Higher is designed to develop your understanding of yourself as part of society. This course will use sociological approaches and encourage you to ask questions about the social world in which we live.


During this course you will explore human social behaviour and discover evidence to explain it. You will gain a sociological perspective as well as study theories and concepts used to investigate and explain aspects of the social world. You will investigate human society, culture and social issues. You will develop a sociological understanding and question commonly held assumptions about society and consider explanations. This course is academically challenging and requires the ability to study independently.


Entry Requirements

Pupils should have studied, National 5 Sociology or another Social Subject at National 5. Given the level of English involved I would recommend that they have studied or are studying Higher English.


Progression Routes

Sociology is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in social work, nursing or medicine, but the subject is also useful in a number of other careers, like marketing, advertising, PR, journalism, law and teaching. Sociology is a great choice of subject if you are considering studying Social Science or any other Social Subject at college or university.

It also complements Higher RMPS and Modern Studies.


What you will learn

 Human Society: Develop your understanding of the sociological approach to studying human societies using analytical skills and social research methods. Look at the relationships that exist amongst individual groups and institutions as viewed from different sociological perspectives and theories

· Culture and Identity: Use sociological concept theories and research to investigate culture and identity in a changing social world. You will consider your own and others’ cultural experiences to develop an understanding of cultural identity and diversity

· Social Issues: Develop your sociological understanding of contemporary social issues by acquiring skills in evaluating and applying sociological theories and research evidence. You will use a range of sources including research evidence to justify a variety of points of view


How will it be assessed?

 You will be assessed by an examination and an assignment

· The examination paper will sample your sociological knowledge and understanding from the units and your ability to apply knowledge and understanding to explain social behaviour

· The assignment will require you to use sociological skills, knowledge and understanding to carry out and report on your own secondary research into a topic of choice.


The following links provide further details

(Although this covers the English System it is very useful for course content)

 Mrs Matheson, Miss Warrender and Mr Robertson currently teach Higher Sociology.


If you would like further information do not hesitate to contact Mr Robertson.