Madras College


Welcome to the Faculty of Technologies.

The Business and Computing Departments came together under one faculty in 2005. The Department of Design and Technology joined the faculty in 2011 and collectively the three departments became the Technologies faculty. It is now managed by one Curriculum leader who has a background in both Computing and Business. We are working together in delivering Curriculum for Excellence outcomes for S1 to S3 in Technologies which are relevant to our subject areas.


Broad General Education

Over the last few years, we have been refining our S1-S3 courses in the Broad General Education for Curriculum for Excellence. The Curriculum for Excellence outcomes have provided the framework, scope and freedom to deliver exciting and relevant units of learning.  Throughout all of our S1 - S3 courses we aim to encourage everyone to improve their Digital Literacy skills.


Senior Phase

We have also been developing the Senior Phase; improving our provision of National 4/5 course,  new Higher and Advanced Higher courses. We have also introduced several National Progression Awards such as the NPA in Digital Media and the NPA in Computer Games Development. 


Business Education


Design & Technology