Madras College

Vision, Values & Aims


In August 2020 we spent the first two terms asking the views of all pupils, parents/ carers, staff, and partners about what our school’s new Vision statement and values ought to be for moving together into the new school at Bell Brae. This formed part of our school improvement plan in session 2020-21. We will of course retain our history from 1833 in the form of our school badge and our motto “Pro Rege et Grege” translated as “For King and People.” Firstly, we surveyed everyone to seek opinion on what the most important values are to our school community.

Then our pupil led Vision, values and aims group collated the most popular values and led by Head Person Maisie Russell, the group created the vision statement:

We are MADRAS. They then decided that each letter of MADRAS should reflect the most important values:


M – Mindfulness

A – Achieving

D-  Diverse

R – Respectful

A – Ambitious

S – Successful


The pupil led vision, values and aims group have documented this in the following video: